1. General provisions:

1.1 These General Terms and Conditions set out the rights and obligations binding on the operator of https://tipsterexpert.com (hereinafter referred to as ”Website”), a site providing sports betting consultancy services (hereinafter refereed to as ”Services”), and the person receiving the service (hereinafter referred to as ”User”).

The operator of the website (Service Provider):

Fox in the box Ltd.

Registered address: Ground floor 1, Block C, 21 Andor u., Budapest H-1119

Tax number: 28790013-1-43

Company registration number: 01-09-373990

Customer service: office@tipsterexpert.com

1.2 The Service Provider shall provide the Users with sports betting consultancy services 24/7 (i.e. without interruption) via the Website (https://tipsterexpert.com) operated by the Service Provider.

1.3.1 All the persons visiting the Website are considered as Users. By starting to use of any of the features of the Service, the User agrees to and accepts these General Terms and Conditions.

1.3.2 Under the present provisions of the Service Provider, the services of the website – due to the nature of their content – may only be used by persons aged 18 or above. Persons under the age of 18 are not entitled to make use of the Website’s services. Users are required to confirm on the registration page that they are aged 18 or above. Should the User fail to confirm that, they will be unable to use the Services.

1.3.3. In the course of the registration process the User will be required to fill in his/her name, address (billing address), the email address to which the Service Provider may send the registration confirmation link, his/her telephone number (optional), and the User shall also confirm that he/she is aged 18 or above by ticking the appropriate checkbox. If the User intends to use of the Services offered by the Website, he/she shall agree to and accept these General Terms and Conditions by selecting the appropriate checkbox on the registration form, as a result of which an agreement based on the these General Terms and Conditions will be concluded between the Service Provider and the User.

1.3.4 Should the User provide false data concerning his/her age or age of majority, he/she shall be held fully responsible. The service provider shall have no liability whatsoever in connection with such misrepresentation of majority.

2. After entering the Website the User shall confirm that he/she is fully aware of the content of these General Terms and Conditions and that of the Privacy Policy, and he/she shall agree to be fully bound by the provisions set forth therein.

3. In the Website’s Daily Tip section (with the date indicated) the User may choose a sports event he/she would like to bet on, and in the Packages section he/she can choose the package he/she would like to use. The given prices stated on the Packages site are gross prices, expressed in EUR.

4.1 Based on the User’s registration – and especially his/her purchase – it can be presumed, that the User is familiar with and accepts the potential advantages and limitations of the internet, with particular regard to technical performance and possible errors. The Service provider shall not be held responsible for any malfunctioning detected in the network, which would prevent the Website from functioning and/or would prevent purchases. Should the price of a certain product appear incorrectly on the site due to technical errors (e.g.EUR 0 or EUR 1), and/or if there is an obvious disproportion between the Service and its price, the Service provider may only provide the specific product to the User at its real price.

4.2 The Service provider may not be held liable for any damages which may result from the accessing or use of other sites that may be accessed via hyperlinks presented on the Website or of other, third party sites on which a hyperlink to the Website is presented; neither may the Service provider be held liable for the functioning, content or lawfulness of third party or other websites, and the accuracy or use of the content thereof. The use of third-party websites is subject to their own Terms of Use — independent from the Service provider in all respects —, as presented on the specific sites.

5. Payment terms: The User may fulfil his/her payment obligations by the following means: – By online bank card payment – a comfortable and secure payment method provided by OTP Mobil Kft. SimplePay. In this case the Service Provider issues an electronic invoice, which it will then send to the email address provided by the User at the registration. Your bank card data will not be transferred to the operators of tipsterexpert.hu.

6. Following the payment the User becomes entitled to get access to the tips included in the given package. The User hereby acknowledges, that it is not possible for him/her to make bets on the Website (https://tipsterexpert.com); the Service provider is only engaged in trying to predict/anticipate/offer tips concerning the outcomes of sports events with the help of analyses and algorithms. The User is free to decide on how he/she would use the tip/tips (betting), and he/she makes his/her bets individually, independently of the Service provider. The Service provider may not be held liable for the content of the tips, and the efficiency/inefficiency thereof.

7. The Service provider excludes liability for any damages the User may suffer as a result of any activities performed by third parties, force majeure events (e.g. an act of war or a pandemic as a result of which a sports event is cancelled), or any reasons which cannot be attributed to the Service provider..

8. The User hereby acknowledges that gambling involves a financial risk. Furthermore, he/she acknowledges that he/she shall bear all the risks associated with him/her accepting the tips specified under the previous section (betting on the basis of them), all the consequences arising from any possible betting failures, and he/she may in no manner and to no extent transfer those to the Service provider. The Service Provider does not assume any responsibility for the of the correctness, accuracy or reliability of the tips.

9.1 The Service Provider reserves the right to amend or delete any of the Website’s content elements (including the the General Terms and Conditions), to change the appearance, content or functioning thereof, or to place ads, content presenting the Service provider’s services or any other content on the Website any time without prior notice. Content marked with the expression “ad:” constitute advertisements.

9.2 The Service provider shall post a notice of any changes to the General Terms and Conditions and publish the new version of the General Terms and Conditions incorporating the amendments in a way that clearly indicates the changes and in a form that can be easily accessed by entering the Website.

9.3 The User is expected to check these Terms and Conditions from time to time to take notice of and get familiar with any changes made. The User shall be solely responsible for any damages that may arise due to his/her failure to fulfil his/her obligations.

10. The User may not change or attempt to change the content or the security settings of the Website, may not modify the access to protected content (e.g. paid ads), circumvent the measures aimed at the protection thereof, or disclose or transfer such content either in whole or in part. All of the above acts will be considered breaches of these Terms which will result in the User being banned from the website and in other consequences as required by law.

11. The Service provider is entitled to make use of any concepts, ideas, remarks or any other content transferred to the Website in any form and without time constraints, including free reproduction, transmission, disclosure or publication in the media.

12. No unlawful or immoral content may be uploaded to the Website, and the Users may not post or make comments concerning such content. Such behaviour will result in the User being prevented from using the Services.

13. The content of the Website (including the name, domain name, logo of the Website, the construction principles, procedures and methods used, the identity and design of the site, the solutions and concepts applied by the Service provider and all the texts, pictures, animations, video and audio content presented on the Website) is under copyright protection. The materials presented on the Website may only be reproduced, transferred, publicly disclosed, presented, disseminated and made publicly available by any other means with the prior written consent of the Service provider. The use of the Website is conditional upon the User fully respecting the copyrights and/or other intellectual property rights of the Service provider.

14. The User undertakes that it will not disclose the content of the tip(s) provided by the Service provider to any third party up until the end of the relevant sports event. The User should bear full financial responsibility for any damages caused by his/her breach of such obligations.

15. The protection of the User’s personal data is subject to the provisions of our Privacy Policy.

16. All other matters shall be governed by the law in force.

17. The User hereby requests the Service provider to commence the provision of the purchased Service before the expiration of the 14-day withdrawal period consumers are entitled to.